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The book SHIFT from author Jason Durham

Available in Paperback or Kindle Versions


In this first part of a two part book series, Jason Durham shares his journal of Spiritual awakening and reconnecting with his daughter who passed three years before.

As a father walking a path of grief, he would come to see how he was strengthened through the years of trials in his life. This story of hope and joy presents the fact that there is no spiritual death, only life after life.

The Book By Jason Durham Shift Is Available On Amazon

Jason Durham is a Louisiana native, husband, and father who has lived a life of fortunates through trauma, trials, and tribulations. He was a caregiver for over 20 years for his daughter as she dealt with complex medical needs, to which she ultimately succumbed. He has been a disability advocate with a passion for helping others realize their voice matters. He helped lead the largest grassroots advocacy organization in Louisiana, which brought to light the rights of the disability community in Louisiana.

Jason also focuses’ on assisting others in healing in their grief process by helping them connect with their loved ones who have passed and by sharing the message of life after life. His insight and experiences have helped others heal as every individual dealing with grief are on their unique path. Helping to shine a light on how to clear the grief path to continue walking forward, he emphasizes grief never goes away; it just becomes easier.

Author Of SHIFT, Jason Durham

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